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Unique Christmas Gifts for Gun Lovers; Tactical Shooting Range Bag, Gunvault Nanovault & More

With us nearly in December, many people will begin their Christmas shopping, or at the very least, considering what ideas to gift their loved ones with. For those that are partial to firearms, some may be trying to think of a gift that individual will enjoy. Where buying a firearm can prove an expensive gift, we at Shooting Range Industries have compiled a few ideas to help you with your shopping efforts.

Great Gifts for Gun Nuts

Electronic Hearing Protection Earmuffs for Shooting: A great way to show you care is by protecting your shooter’s ear with excellent quality earmuffs to suppress the loud firing noises. This particular item is designed to filter out the louder sounds of gun shots and heavy equipment while amplifying voices to a safe level. Many of the modernized models are equipped with MP3 capabilities, allowing the gunman to safely listen to their favorite music whether they are on the shooting range, out on a hunting trip, or competing in their favorite gun shooting activity.
Gunvault Nanovault: Most gun owners would love to have this small, portable handgun safe for a gift. This mini safe works well for home or for travel if your gun enthusiast holds a CCW permit and it meets TSA airline firearm guidelines. It will keep curious children safe both at home and while traveling with a gun as these mini safes generally have combination locks built into them.
Gunsmith Tool or Gun Cleaning Kit: The gunsmith tool set is more beneficial for someone who has experience in the gunsmith trade and the cleaning set should be optimal for any gun enthusiast. The gunsmith tool set can help those with experience modify, repair, or upgrade their firearms.
Fiber Optic Gun Bore Light: A bore light would make a great gift, whether they are an established gun collector or on their way to be. Inserted into one end of the gun barrel so that you can inspect it for scratches, rust and imperfections, a bore light is connected to flexible tubing to provide a light source. This is an inexpensive idea but serves a high purpose, especially for those that buy second hand weapons.
Tactical Range Bag: Most folks that enjoy firearms find that they are at the range fairly often. If your loved one currently has a tattered old range bag or doesn’t have one at all, a high quality range bag is a perfect gift idea. Offering multiple pockets and fasteners to keep everything in its own place, the gunner can take along all the accessories that they might need on the range. With plenty of room for a gun or two, ammo, safety glasses, earmuffs, gloves and anything else they might need to carry along, your loved one can visit the range fully ready for any circumstances without sacrificing anything.

Firearms Training & Practice in Custom Shooting Ranges, Designed & Built in the USA

Gifting gun range passes, concealed weapons permit certification, or beginning training classes can give newer gun owners a head start on handling, safety, and overall use if your loved one is just discovering a passion in firearms, or even those that are experienced with it. Of course, gifting a portable custom shooting range would be the ultimate Christmas gift this holiday season. Contact Shooting Range Industries to learn more!

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