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Unique Gifts for Gun Lovers; Electronic Hearing Protection, Shooting Range Bag, Nanovault & More

If you have to shop for a gun enthusiast for the holidays, especially if you know little about firearms, you may be wondering what to find for that special someone. Today, we at Shooting Range Industries would like to offer some recommendations.

Personalized & Other Gifts for Gun Enthusiasts

1) Electronic Hearing Protection. The shooting’s hearing can be protected by a good quality set of shooting earmuffs. While amplifying voices to a safe level, electronic earmuffs are designed to filter out the louder sounds of gun shots and heavy equipment. Newer models are equipped with MP3 capabilities and other features that offer different experiences.
2) Shooting Range Bag. A range bag can make a great gift if your gun enthusiast doesn’t already have one, or if they need a new one. All of the things that they need to tote with them to the shooting range can be held in the range bag. To keep everything in its own place, the best choices offer multiple pockets and fasteners. Safety glasses, earmuffs, gloves a gun or two, ammo, and other range supplies should all be able to fit in the bag. With multiple pockets, zippers, Velcro and all the bells and whistles, depending upon your recipient’s style you can find range bags that look like any other bag that someone would carry to the gym or full-out tactical bags.
3) Gun Vault / Nano Vault. This is a small, portable handgun safe that is lockable. This item meets TSA airline firearm guidelines. Your gun enthusiast holds a CCW permit, this mini safe works well for home or for travel. Built into them are the combination locks that keep children and unauthorized users from the weapons.
4) Firearms Training. your gift recipient doesn’t already have one, consider paying for a concealed carry class. The training in these classes will give them the necessary information on the current legal issues with carrying a gun as well as training in basic gun safety even if they don’t plan on carrying on an everyday basis.
5) Gunsmith Tool Set. An important skill to acquire, is repairing and upgrading personal guns. Since many people are untrusting to hand their weapon to a stranger, many prefer to take care of the upgrades and repairs on their own. Gunsmithing is a skilled trade that takes lots of training and experience, however, most gun owners with some mechanical aptitude can learn to do simple repairs.
6) Bore Light. A bore light would make a great gift, if your favorite gun enthusiast is a collector, or would like to be. You can inspect the gun barrel for scratches, rust and imperfections, a bore light is a light source connected to flexible tubing that is inserted into one end of the gun barrel. For anyone interested in buying second-hand guns, this inexpensive tool is a must.
7) Tactical Pen. Many gun enthusiasts are also into self-defense, survival and protection, though this is not necessarily a gun accessory. This option is an inexpensive stocking stuffer. Like any other pen, a tactical pen writes the same and is refillable, however it also a weapon. To make them strong enough to be used to strike a would-be assailant, most tactical pens are made of aircraft aluminum. The blunt end has the use for stopping power or the writing end for stabbing since the aircraft aluminum makes the pen strong enough.
8) Reactive Splatter Target. Splatter targets can make target practice easier and more fun. When you hit the target, the penetration creates a neon colored halo around the striking point, these targets are black with neon under-colors. The neon halo makes it easier to see from a distance.

Portable Gun Ranges for Firearm Practice & Training

Additional gifts can be NRA memberships and magazine subscriptions. Ammo is always appreciated, and a membership or gift card to the local shooting range. Of course the ultimate gift would be a custom shooting range from Shooting Range Industries. Call us to learn more about our portable ranges with all the bells and whistles today!

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