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Virtual Reality Video Games Using Real Bullets: The Latest Billionaire Toy

A recent Forbes.com article highlights some products of Shooting Range Industries.

Jim Dobson, Forbes.com Contributor

I experienced first-hand, one of the most exhilarating afternoons at Machine Guns Vegas, where I participated in this unique entertainment adventure. The experience uses technology where a series of lasers actually track the live bullets, and wherever the bullet hits the screen, the system reacts accordingly. It gives you the ability to not only get properly trained in firearms, but to put yourself in unique scenarios.

What the company has done is to take the system to the next level by creating a consumer entertainment experience. What you are doing is playing your favorite video game like “Call of Duty”, but you are shooting real guns with live bullets at the screen. A specially built soft wall behind the video screen safely captures the live bullets. You feel the recoil, the weight and the power of a real weapon which adds to the experience.

The company has 750 scenarios and the majority were designed for law enforcement and the military. You can train for various situations, whether it involves an active shooter in a school or in a hospital, and it’s a real life video with multiple scenarios based on how you react. There might be a guy where you tell him to freeze and he puts his hand in his pocket and pulls out a cell phone or he pulls out a gun, so it gives you a great deal of training flexibility. I played a dramatically realistic Zombie invasion where I used real laser scoped sniper guns to eliminate the walking dead. I am personally not a gun enthusiast but quickly became remarkably accurate with my aim and can certainly see how this is becoming popular with gamers as well as gun owners and law enforcement training.

A lot of the military applications for the system were created for special force units all over the world where they needed to have an instant training facility. Sometimes it’s not easy where they were being deployed to build full outdoor ranges, so this gives them an excellent opportunity to create a modular range system where they can fly them in on C130’s, assemble in two days and it can be packed up and shipped anywhere.

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