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Warm Up Combat Tactical Rifle & Pistol Drills for Shooting in an Indoor or Outdoor Range

If you are going to an indoor range to train you know the areas that you have to work on and the rules that are there to keep you safe. The best way to get started and be ready to achieve more tactical training is to do some warm ups with your weapon so that you are more aware of your ability and confidence.

Shooting Range Industries has some warm ups that you can try when you go practice at the range.

What is Warm Up Shooting For: If you ever want to be great at shooting you need to take time to work on the fundamentals of shooting. Just grabbing your gun, aiming and firing is not going to get you anywhere. Even if you are seasoned in handling handguns you still want to take time to warm up and be aware of the fundamentals. You should work on your stance so that you are set up to get the most accuracy out of each shot. You can work on your grip and trigger control. These are both good in making sure that the firearm shoots when you want it to and you keep control of the weapon for accuracy and safety. You can also work on breathing techniques and sighting as well. Most indoor ranges have a rule that you are not to work with a weapon that is holstered but is set on the bench. You can still work on these techniques from that bench and get the same amount of warm up as you would working from a holster. After you have worked on these standard techniques you should always do a warm up no matter what training you are going to work on at your specific range time.
What Warm Up Shooting Drills Should You Do?: The best way to start warming up after you have worked on your techniques is to get a specific kind of target. This target is five by five array for a total of 25 small targets that you want to work on from one area to the next. You want to be able to work in a line from bottom to top and hit each spot on the target with two consecutive shots. After this warm up you can go about your normal training that you had planned for the day.

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