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What are Tracer Rounds Used for, How Do They Work in Modern Warfare & Are They Allowed in Ranges?

If you are like many gun owners you know that you might have to find ammo for your weapon since it is hard to find. There are times that ammo is in high demand and that means that if you are looking for ammo and you find it most people will make the purchase. The ammo you find may be a different style or a different brand to make sure you have what you need. One type of ammo that you may come across is called a tracer round. The tracer round is something you might end up seeing and wonder if it is right for you. These are most commonly found for your AR and can be used in many circumstances. It is a good idea to know what they are and how they work to know if you want to have them for your weapon. Shooting Range Industries outlines how tracer rounds work.

What are Tracer Rounds Used For?

One of the things you should know is what a tracer round is supposed to be used for. The first thing is that they do look cool so if you want to have a cool looking shot then they can be used. The other reason they are used is to make sure you are on point with your shots. In the military a tracer round is used so that the gunner is able to continually make adjustments to the their shot as needed. The tracer rounds are usually loaded in every fifth round so that there are a few regular rounds in between. This is enough so that you can see where the rounds are landing and make the changes you might need. If you are just buying them to use with your own personal weapon they will look cool and help you see the travel of the bullet so that you can better target.

How Does Tracer Ammo Work?

The tracer ammo has an extra addition to it to allow the projectile to trace. Some people think that they are in the point of the ammo but that is not true. The tracer is actually in the base of the ammo. It has a compound that is made from strontium – magnesium and when it is used it will give off a red glow. The other thing that is amazing about these rounds is that they also have a delay. This is an important part of the use so that the position of the shooter is not given away. The shooter needs to be able to see where their shots are landing but they do not want an enemy to know exactly where they are. The delay allows them to have this option.

Can You Use Tracer Rounds at a Shooting Range?

If you have tracer rounds you want to make sure that you know if the range or shooting complex allows them. The rounds are not always allowed because they are hot and can cause sparks to fly and set nearby flammable materials on fire. This is why it is important to follow the rules of the range. You also want to make sure that you know the rules and regulations in your area about using them and always follow all safety guidelines for shooting.

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