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What Does AR-15 Stand For; Assault Rifle or Armalite? Why Use an AR Rifle for Hunting?

There are lots of stories that you will hear about that involve the AR or AR-15. They are not always good and seem to be the weapon that is most often used when talking about gun safety and gun control. The problem is that the people that are instigating this type of talk do not understand the weapon and what they can be used for. Of course the right to bear arms and own them is one reason but the other is that many people use them as their hunting weapon. Many people choose to go out and hunt for food that they will use throughout the year. There are many benefits of using an AR when hunting and if you have never used one you should learn more about their benefits. Shooting Range Industries outlines what you need to know about hunting with an AR.

What Does AR Mean?

When it comes to guns that people like to point the figure at when they are angry about tighter gun control the AR seems to be at the top of the list. The AR is often but falsely referred to as an assault rifle. AR does not stand for assault rifle but it stands for ArmaLite which is the company that manufactured it originally. The reason that some people are afraid of this gun is because it can look more aggressive than a shotgun or even a handgun. It is what might be used to depict a war scene in a movie. The AR is no more frightening than any other gun in the wrong hands.

Why Use an AR-15 Rifle for Hunting?

When it comes to a gun that is best to use for hunting, an AR is a great option. The reason that they are used so often for hunting is the fact that they are quite lightweight. They are easy to carry around and they are a very versatile weapon. The versatility of the weapon will give you many opportunities to use it whether you are shooting big game or even small game. Most of the time when you are out hunting you are going to be walking and waiting all day long for the right shot. It can be exhausting carrying around a large heavy gun so the AR offers a better option. You can also enjoy the fact that you can sight in your AR to get a great and clean shot when you are hunting. Getting the right shot is a must when hunting to be sure you don’t leave an animal to suffer. The AR is also a very effective tool to have for hunting no matter the age of the hunter.

Practice & Training with AR

If you are not used to using an AR for hunting you want to make sure that you do some practicing before you go out. You want to make sure that you get the hang of the weapon and the feel of shooting so that you are ready for the big hunt. The more you practice shooting at a range the better you are when you are out hunting.

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