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What Happened to Range Time? How Much Does Gun Range Time Cost & What Record Keeping is Recommended?

It is given that the more range time we log, the more likely we will perform better in any given deadly encounter. Most law enforcement agencies require qualifications as least biannually, with quarterly training mandatory or about four hours of range time per year. Most experienced shooters will advocate an hour every two months minimum, and shooting their CCW course biannually, though most CCW permits only require annual shoots.

How Much Does Gun Range Time Cost?

Fifty rounds every two months would work out to about $300 – $350 a year in expenses depending on your carry weapon choice. With range fees under $500 a year investment would provide at least a minimum of performance. If the budget allows, or you roll your own ammo ‘more is merrier’ when it comes to firearms.

Range Time Record Keeping

Shooting is a venture that requires time and effort to master. Along with range time there is record keeping. A log listing shooting activity, informal plinking to formal competition if maintained should help in defending training and expertise. Let’s face it, the majority of permit holders are undertrained. Time, professional and social commitments make it difficult to maintain competence. Time slips by and it’s time for annual requalification and you realize you haven’t “tripped a trigger” all year. If you have to resort to deadly force there will be some form of review. Hopefully it will end at the investigative level with a “justified” conclusion. But civil suits may follow or you may have to defend yourself in a coroner’s jury or other judicial review. Being able to demonstrate and support your training and competence will be of a major benefit. Going to plink tin cans, log it as ‘familiarization’ even if no scoring is possible. Shooting targets at the range, use your cell to record your groups and target. Make a comment in the log regarding this and your scores. If at a range have someone who observed your presence date and sign or initial your targets and/or log. Law enforcement maintains training records to show compliance at the minimum established shooting standards. A permit holder should consider the same. It is a benefit that may tip the scales under any judicial review of your conduct.

How Often Should You Go to the Range?

Regular practice aids in building confidence in yourself and equipment. Dreams about equipment failure are common. If you have one, go as soon as possible to your range and prove to yourself that your equipment, gun, ammo etc will perform. This is what most pros, i.e. military and police are recommended to do. One thing is certain you don’t want to enter a deadly force situation without confidence in yourself or weapon. You’re going to have a lot to occupy the milli-seconds you have to concentrate on other aspects of the altercation.

Custom Shooting Range Design & Construction

Test yourself, your gun and your ammo to build confidence to survive. A range bag with ammo, cleaning kit and items like a monocular or binocular spotting optic, multi-tool, marker and measuring tape constitute the basic range load-out. Shot timers are a good addition and remember your shooter’s log. Have fun, shoot often, be proficient and be confident. Shooting Range Industries offers custom shooting ranges for convenient, high tech practice and training. Contact us to learn more today!

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