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What if your Firearm Gets Stolen from your Home or Even on the Way to the Shooting Range? How to Report & Check if a Gun is Stolen & How to Prevent it

Many people choose to keep their firearms at their own home and most of them are locked up safely. A good gun safe can make all the difference when keeping you and guests that are visiting your home safe. Many home gun safes are not bolted down and if someone broke into your home they could gain access to the entire safe and take it with them. If you have larger weapons you may choose to keep them in individual cases are in your home, but not actually inside a safe. This leaves them open to being stolen if someone gets in your home when you’re not there. Another way that someone could steal your weapons is when you are traveling with your guns. No matter how safe you keep them at home, when you travel they are out of the safe place and in your vehicle. Someone could gain access to your car and take them before you would even know what happened. You might be heading to the shooting range or traveling for a hunting trip.

No matter where you are headed or how your weapon has been stolen, there are several steps that Shooting Ranges Industries says you need to take right away.

Report your Stolen Gun: As soon as you have noticed that you are missing one of your firearms you need to notify the police department right away. They will want to take down a report and they will need pertinent information regarding the firearm from you. They will take down when and where the theft took place. They will also want to know what type of firearm it is and a full description. They will also need the serial number that you should have on your purchase record or blue registration card. You want to let the police file the theft right away just in case the burglar or someone else uses the weapon in a crime. They can be on the lookout for the weapon and if they come across it, it will come up in their system.

Stolen Firearm Prevention: The worst thing is to have anything stolen from you, but when you have a firearm that you paid good money for and use for your protection, it can be really distressing. You want to be sure that you have all your weapons secured not only for safety reasons but also for theft prevention. Having a good safe that can be bolted to the floor is a great start. You can lock all your firearms away and that will stop a thief from taking the entire safe with them. Take inventory of your weapons on a regular basis to ensure they are all there and nothing is missing.

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