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What is a Gun Suppressor? How Do Threaded Barrel & Quick Attach Designs Work on a Handgun, Rifle or Shotgun?

If you are someone that has any type of gun and use shooting for self-defense, hunting or sport you know that accessories are a way to create the best results. The types of accessories that you can get for a gun are numerous. Most people will get different types of accessories to make their shooting experience even better. You might choose to change out the grip on your handgun to have a better handle on your weapon. There are other people that like to add things such as lights and lasers. These are additions that you can place to give you a better view when you are shooting in a dark area. Other accessories include upgrading the sight that is on the gun for better alignment and barrels that have threading so that you can add to the barrel other types of accessories. When adding an accessory to your weapon it is important to know what it is and why you are adding it. You also want to make sure that it is attached properly and is the right fit for the gun that you have. An accessory that you might think are only used in movies but many people choose to have them are suppressors. Shooting Range Industries outlines what a suppressor is and how they work.

What is a Suppressor?

When it comes to a suppressor most people are under the impression that they are like they seem in the movies. They are an addition the barrel of the gun that stops all the sound that the gun would naturally make when fired. They are always depicted as a way for some nasty villain to get away with some heinous crime that they need to flee from without being caught. The fact is that the suppressor is an accessory that is added to the barrel of the gun but it does not eliminate the sound. It only suppresses the sound. That means that the harsh crack that the weapon would normally make has been muffled down. These are a common item that many gun enthusiasts choose to have in their accessories.

Should I Buy a Suppressor?

You might think only a villain in a scary movie would need a suppressor but that is not true. Some people choose to use a suppressor if they shoot a lot. It takes the noise away that is known to cause hearing trouble in people. It also can be used when someone is not prone to the noise that a gun makes and is more comfortable with a lighter sound. It can also be a great tool for a hunter that does not want to give away their location when they fire a shot to other prey that might be out there.

Direct Thread & Quick Attach Suppressors

There are two types of suppressors that are on the market that you can add to your gun. One is called a direct thread and is the most common option. It is simple to add to a gun that has a threaded barrel. You simply threat it on and you are ready to shoot. The other option is called a quick attach and they need a barrel that has other accessories to make sure that it works. You need to have a barrel that has a muzzle break or flash hider that is used to attach the suppressor.

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