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What Makes Indoor Shooting Ranges So Awesome? Target Retrieval, Bullet Traps & More

There are basic standards for having an adequate shooting range, especially for law enforcement and military personnel. Essential elements include lanes, targets, and safety equipment. There are special features, however, that make a shooting range better. Where many shooting enthusiast and experts have varying opinions on the matter, there are a few aspects that are more attractive to us. Today, we at Shooting Range Industries would like to share those attractive features that makes a shooting range of higher quality than the average facility.

Features of Superior Indoor Shooting Ranges

Safety: Safety should be the priority of every shooting range, as people in general can make errors and mistakes not intended to harm themselves or others. The shooting range is by design to help people improve fundamentals, skills, and tactics and offering every safety measure possible is essential. Range officers are in place to ensure safety protocols are being enforced, whether you need such chaperoning is your call, but even when dealing with professional marksmen, you want to make sure the rules of your facility are being applied, even if they are basic and standard safety rules. Offering more protection for your range officers can be included in your range as well.
Targets: Even among the military and law enforcement, target retrieval devices are ideal in any shooting range. Target retrieval systems upgrade the generic targets. There are quite a few options with target retrieval device; Shooting Range Industries has many ideal selections that keep practitioners safe. Equipped with Retrieval Ends, Target Car and Hangers, Motor Control Boxes, Stainless Steel Cable, Pre-Constructed Wiring Harnes, Switches, Drive Cord, Switches, as well as Individual Stall Mounted Controls, all of our target retrieval systems are ideal in any shooting range.
Bullet Traps: Geared for military and law enforcement officers, but definitely a commodity in any shooting range, bullet traps are an added safety features that helps contain the projectiles and lead. The shooters are improving their skills in a safer environment with the right bullet traps installed in your shooting range. Designed to improve lead management and air quality and contain the spent bullets, bullet traps should be apart of any shooting facility. Shooting Range Industries offers an assortment of bullet traps that will improve any shooting range needs.
Space: Another valuable asset in any shooting range is space to contribute for following safety precautions. An important aspect to the overall training and safety is having sufficient space to conduct drills, scenarios, and shooting protocols. More shooting ranges should consider the available space to dedicate to the shooting range experience. Shooting Range Industries designs full size shooting ranges in addition to unique shooting modular that can be used in conjunction individually or with any shooting range to support the space you have available for your range.
Additional Features: HVAC systems, metal fabrication, quality shooting stalls, and ceiling ranges are additional features that enhance the effectiveness of safety and upgrade and average shooting range to a quality facility. Shooting Range Industries have a number of these features and more to create an incredible facility.

Custom Shooting Ranges for Law Enforcement, Military & Civilians

Shooting Range Industries tailors shooting ranges to meet individual needs or to create a remarkable facility for you. Call us today to get started on your shooting range design.

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