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What to Do When Your New Gun is Defective; Try to Return, Contact Manufacturer, Visit Gunsmith for Repair or Sell Firearm for Parts

Nothing can be more disappointing or depressing then going out to find that prefect gun that just feels so right in your hands; and then go through the hassle of purchasing the thing, take it to the gun range full of expectations, and excitement , just to find out it was a lemon. Nothing hurts more to the avid gun collector or owner then that. Shooting Range Industries has some advice on what to do and the steps you should take before over reacting.

Try to Return the Defective Gun

First take it back to the seller. Each seller might have their own polices on returned firearms. Whether the firearm is brand new, never been used, an old time piece, or a relic; it is considered yours once it leaves the shop. This is much like buying a car that loses it value the moment you leave the lot. This policy is intended to give the seller leeway on how to handle returns. So everywhere is different on how they deal with them. Don’t wait too long if you want to return it. If you have it for weeks or months, the seller will not know if the failure is on them or you. Returning promptly will help the seller know your weapon was a lemon. When purchasing your firearm it’s good to know the seller return policy before you commit to the purchase.

Contact the Gun Manufacturer; There May Have Even Been a Recall

If you are unable to return the firearm for what ever the reason may be, contact the manufacturer. Do not attempt to fix it or take it apart. Some firearms come with a 5 to 10 year transferable warranty that follows the gun and not so much the owner. This is good to known if you bought a used gun. Some firearms have known issues or recalls and the manufacturer may fix it free.

Visit a Gunsmith or Firearms Repair Shop

If at this point you weren’t able to return it, or get the manufacturer to fix it, you may want to look for a gun smith or repair shop. Try calling first and explain the problem as you know it, and ask for an estimate. If they cannot determine the issues over the phone, you will need to take it down to their shop and have them look at it. Each gunsmith is different. Some may charge a service fee. After finding out the problem, ask for an estimate and see if it’s worth fixing.

DIY Firearm Repair

You may want to try and fix it yourself. We only recommend the do-it-yourself option if you have knowledge of the gun and its components. If you’re able, identify the faulty component piece. Sometimes it as easy as a bad firing pin, spring, or a simple part swap. If you’re capable of doing it yourself, you can save lots of money.

Sell Firearm for Parts

At this point you have tried to return it to the seller. You have contacted the manufacturer and sought to repair that so called prefect firearm that fit so well into your hand. Still no luck in bringing life back into that lemon. Perhaps you can’t afford the cost to fix it. It’s time to face it; you should sell it for parts. You can break it down. Start by selling the frame, hammers, trigger, spring and other serviceable parts. This can help you make back the money lost. You can even see if the gunsmith might buy it off you. They would know what parts they can use to fix other firearms.

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Shooting Range Industries know that firearms can be an expensive investment. If you have the misfortune of buying a firearm that turns out to be a lemon, we hope this helps you in taking the right steps in restoring or recovering from that failed investment.

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