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What to Wear at a Shooting Range; Dress Code, Ear & Ear Protection, Best Shoes & More

When you go to take a jog most people have clothes that they wear that are best suited for that activity. They also change out their shoes so they have the right footwear for the type of path they plan to run. If you are going for a swim in the pool you don’t wear your running attire, you have to change. You also make sure you bring a towel, sunscreen and some sandals to make the day a better time. The things that you bring and wear to certain activities just make sense and are not something that seems weird. The same can be said when you are getting ready to go to the shooting range. You should know what you should and should not have with you to make your time at the range beneficial. Shooting Range Industries outlines what you want to bring to the range and what you want to avoid.

Eye & Ear Protection for Shooting

The first thing that you want to make sure you do is to bring with you a few items that will help with your protection. Most shooters know you want to have a way to protect your eyes so that if any debris were to fly up it will not get in your eye and cause you to react in an unsafe manner. It also can cause damage so that you are not able to continue shooting. You also want to make sure you bring with you a way to protect your ears as well. Your hearing can start to be problematic if you do not cover them with something. Some people choose disposable ear plugs while others have a good pair of noise canceling headphones. You want to protect your hearing from the loud sounds at the range. If you are not protecting your hearing you can end up with permanent damage.

Best Shoes for Shooting Range

The other thing you might want to make sure everyone in your group know is what shoes are acceptable. There are some that do not realize that your feet are at risk when you shoot from the falling brass. The best thing to do is to have shoes that are closed toed and closed heel. You also want to have shoes that are comfortable so that you can stand comfortably and shoot for the whole time without feeling fatigued.

Shooting Range Dress Code

The next thing that you should know is that you can get dirty when you are shooting. There can be the grease from the gun and there can be dirt on the bullets that you are using. It is best to ensure that your clothes are ones that you do not mind getting dirty during your time at the range. You also want to make sure that you avoid clothes that are too loose or ones that are too tight. You want to make sure to have comfortable fitting clothes and be sure that the shirt is not too low cut. The brass can fly back and go down the shirt. When your clothes fit correctly you can achieve your full range of motion and get the best out of your session at the range.

Customizable Indoor Shooting Ranges

Shooting Range Industries can ensure that all your shooting range design needs are met and you get the right set up. Call us today to talk with our staff.

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