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What Weapons are Used in Basic Army & Military Training? M16 Assault & M4 Combat Rifles, M9 & P229 Pistols & More

When you join the United States Military you are going to be required to use and fire accurately many types of weapons. There are some weapons that will be standard in the training as well as daily operating. When you go through training you will have to use each weapon once you are trained in their ability.

Shooting Range Industries Lists Weapons that are Used in Basic Training for Military Recruitment

M16 Assault Rifle: The M16A2 is a standard rifle that is used by military members in all branches. The ones that are in the combat zones are given this rifle as a standard weapon. The weapon is well known by its other name M16. This is a long standing weapon that has been part of the military since the Vietnam War. One of the great things about this weapon is the versatility because it can be fired in a burst of three rounds of a single round. It can also be fired from the shoulder as the standard use or a hip shot if in a fast action issue.
M4 Carbine Combat Rifle: The combat rifle that is used for training as well as combat is the M4. This weapon is a newer introduction to the military staring around 1997. The adjustable stock and the shortened barrel is a great weapon for many units such as the 82nd airborne. There are some other special operation units that will also use the same M-4 rifle. It is a lightweight option that is great for a fast moving unit. It is a very accurate shot and many Marines will use this weapon in place of the M-16.
Pistols Such as Beretta M9 & Sig SauerP229: When the military sends the new recruits into training they are going to need to fire many weapons. The rifles are one of the styles they will need to use but pistols are another area. The M9 pistol is a weapon that each member will need to be able to accurately fire. The M9 pistol is a handgun and can be used by military police and other officers. The enlisted military member will not carry the M9 but more often will have rifles issued. The pistol that is used has to be accurate up to 50 yards away due to the military standard. There is another pistol that is used by the military but mostly the coast guard. The Sig Sauer P229 is used by the coastguard instead of the M-9. They are part of the Homeland Security which is why they are offered different pistol options.

Custom Designed Shooting Ranges for Military, Law Enforcement & Civilian Firearms Training & Practice

If you are planning to enlist it is a great idea to have some knowledge on what weapons you will be using. The weapons are listed and you can do research on each one and even take time to get familiar with how they fire and react. What better place to practice and train with these weapons on your very own custom indoor shooting range? Contact Shooting Range Industries for more information!

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