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Which is the Ultimate Home Defense Weapon? Rifle VS Pistol VS or Shotgun

With so many home break-ins, many people are turning to various security options for their home. From surveillance cameras to alarms and investing in a firearm, through proper legal channels. But those interested in protecting their loved with a weapon are unsure which weapon is for them. Some experts recommend a shotgun as the ultimate firearm for home protection, others advocate the rifle, and there are those that prefer the handgun. So that leaves people scratching their heads; which firearm is better. We at Shooting Range Industries would like to touch on shotguns, rifles, and handguns for home defense.

Firepower & Distance

Before selecting the type of gun for you, you have some considerations, the basics include firepower and distance.
Firepower: When firing a shotgun or a rifle, you have to understand the caliber of bullet being fired will have a lot more power, which means more recoil. If you don’t get to practice on the range often or are not centered enough to handle the kick, a strong firepower may not be a right fit for you.
Distance: Range is an important consideration, or most don’t need to worry about sniper skills for home defense, you need to make sure you can hit your target. A semi-competent marksman, for example, can maintain accuracy at 100 yards or more where shotgun slugs can hit the target at about 50 yards. Both of these distances can be extreme for even most competent pistol shooters. Does range necessarily come into effect for home defense, you are better to decide that factor with the applications of your home and size of your property.

Best Home Defense Weapon

So as far as selecting the rifle, shotgun, or rifle for home defense, they all have their strengths and weaknesses.
Pistols: With many makes and models, people can find a pistol that is comfortable in their grip and easy to fire.
Pros: Compact, easy to carry, less recoil compared to long guns, can be shot with one hand if necessary.
Cons: When compared to rifles, not as much ammo and low-powered compared to long guns.
Shotguns: Different sizes and styles available for people with different tastes.
Pros: Extreme amount of power per round, flexible ammunition types.
Cons: In tight spots it can be hard to maneuver, needs two hands to operate, (relatively) low ammunition capacity, and potentially higher recoil.
Rifles: With many types, calibers and styles, rifles are very versatile.
Pros: Powerful rounds, high capacity, optimal for long-distance work.
Cons: Requires 2 hands, can be difficult in tight spots to maneuver in tight spots.

Custom Shooting Ranges for Gun Practice & Training

Optimally, when selecting the gun for you, you want to be comfortable and it should be better applying to your home’s setup. If you have narrow hallways and tight turns, a long rifle may not be the better choice for example. No matter which you decide to you use, getting comfortable using it and acquiring skills is essential to better protect you and your family. Be sure to hit the firing range regularly, keep your weapon well maintained, and locked up from children or other unauthorized users. Shooting Range Industries designs and manufactures custom shooting ranges to best meet your firearm practice and training needs. Contact us to learn more today!

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