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Why 3 Dimensional Mobile Tactical Live Fire Training Shooting Targets are Better than 2D Paper Targets!

Law enforcement personnel continue to face public scrutiny over recent highly publicized cases regarding police officers using excessive force. Researchers believe that three-dimensional training targets demonstrate better situational awareness of properly established safely practices than traditional two-dimensional paper targets. Documented evidence also suggests that law enforcement and military personnel who were exposed to training programs utilizing 3-D targets were physically more healthy and experienced a lower percentage of mental health issues than those who were not trained using 3-D targets.

Analysis of Shot Placement to Determine Shooting Target Angles

Enemy perpetrators are not two-dimension so why train law enforcement officers and military personnel with a two-dimensional target? 3-D tactical targets allow for a superior quality of training that is the most realistic based training available when compared to traditional 2-D paper target training methods. 3-D tactical targets are designed to allow for multiple shooters to fire from different angles of the target including simultaneous shooting. Instructors also have the ability to determine shot placement by examining the various angles that the target was engaged from.

Moving Shooting Targets

While it is true that paper targets are economical and can provide basic combat shooting skills, when the target is a moving three dimensional life like human silhouette holding a weapon, a 3-D target can also provide basis anatomy for gunfire. Training scenarios can provide a number of options that can add odd angle training shots to training programs to allow students to adjust accordingly should the criminal element turn from one angle to another or drop into a crouched position for example.

3D Pistol & Rifle Tactical Targets Give Much Better Feedback for Evaluation

Most paper or plastic targets provide a limited range of feedback on the results which can often be skewed depending on placement. For example when steel poppers fail they will drop regardless of where they happen to be hit. While a dropped target tells the student that the immediate threat is over, one of the problems with a 2-D target is that the final outcome may be either determined by the range master or pre-determined by the number of shots fired. This is not an ideal training method as the students completing the program may become consumed with the need for speed as opposed to accuracy which can have deadly consequences when students are placed in the field.

Custom Shooting Range Design with Bullet Traps & Quality Range Equipment & Accessories Provides the Ultimate Law Enforcement & Miltary Live Fire Training Solutions

Shooting Range Industries share the belief that effective firearm training needs to go beyond two dimensions. That’s why we offer the ultimate in 3-D targets! We offer custom shooting ranges with the Milo Range Interactive Live Fire Simulation Training System that not only helps distinguish between a threat or innocent bystander but offers invaluable practice in dealing with realistic 3-D moving targets. Our system offers immediate, precise and accurate feedback on results. With hundreds of high definition, ready to train scenarios, firearm drills and exercises, the Milo Range System is sure to help law enforcement and military agencies excel in their training objectives. Our custom shooting ranges make for both exciting and productive training. Contact us today to learn more about our custom shooting ranges and accessories.

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