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Why is Firearm Safety Important? 5 Rules of Gun Safety, Ammo Storage Solutions & More

When it comes to firearms, you can never be too safe. Whether you use the weapon for your career, self-defense, or for recreational purposes, people find themselves heading into a shooting range to engage in increasing the skills. No matter where you go with your gun, it is essential that safety measures are taken at all times, one moment the gun is not respected can result in you or others being hurt. With this in mind, we at Shooting Range Industries would like to take an opportunity to remind everyone about the important safety basics.

5 Rules of Gun Safety

1) Your firearm always needs to be pointed in a safe direction.
2) All firearms need to be treated as if they are loaded.
3) Keep your trigger finger outside the guard and off of the trigger until you are ready to fire.
4) Be aware by being more certain of your target, the line of fire, and everything beyond your target.
5) Always maintain your firearm and wear appropriate eye and ear protection when shooting.
Where these basic rules are fairly easy to understand, it is essential you follow them along with safety storage solutions. Keeping the muzzle pointed in a safe direction ensures that no one can be harmed in an accidental discharge. Treating all firearms as if they are loaded make certain that people consistently treat these weapons with the respect the require. Keeping the finger off the trigger until the moment of fire, averts potential accidental fire. Maintaining proper safety gear while firing whenever possible protects you from harm as well as keeping the weapon properly cleaned and maintained. Managing your awareness of the target, the line of fire, and beyond the target, enhances safety.

Gun & Ammo Storage Solutions

When storing your guns, there are many responsibilities that continue with safety, and it’s a full-time responsibility. Securing your firearm and ammunition separately boosts the inaccessibility from unauthorized users and children. Whenever your firearm is not in use, it should be kept unloaded and locked up. You can better prevent unauthorized access by securing the firearm in such a manner and increase your safety and the safety of others. For transporting, the firearms need to be locked up unloaded as well. Be sure to follow the laws in your community. Ignorance will not spare you from penalties if you step outside the laws and regulations.

Gun Safety on the Shooting Range

On the range, each facility has their own rules, in addition to the basic rules of operating a firearm. It is important that you know ahead of time what to expect. If you are ever in doubt, seek the answers from the range safety officer. Make certain you know the proper attire, have adequate eye and ear protection, which types of guns and calibers are acceptable, and other ammunition rules.

Custom Mobile Shooting Ranges

As mentioned, safety is above all else. Practice safety 24/7 when you own a weapon and be sure they are properly cleaned, maintained, and stored when you are not using them. For convenience and safety when practicing firing your weapon and training to be a more proficient shooter, Shooting Range Industries designs and builds portable custom shooting ranges that can be placed on your property. Call us today to learn more!

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