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Women’s Concealed Carry Gun Apparel; Corsets, Belly Bands, Bra Holsters, Purses & More

Women are wanting their concealed weapons permit just as much as the men do. Because women are most likely to be targeted by criminal minds, women are arming themselves to be less vulnerable. From tasers to small firearms, the ladies are wanting to feel safe and more adept at taking care of themselves, especially when they are alone. There are a number of options to carry your concealed firearm without sacrificing fashion. We at Shooting Range Industries would like to touch on a few ideas on women concealing their firearms and some additional suggestions.

Concealed Carry Apparel

1) Purses. Where this a very common method for women to carry their concealed firearm it can come with a few disadvantages. Getting to your purse quick enough can be a challenge in different scenarios and how many times do you lose your phone, keys, or wallet in the bottomless pit that is your purse. We recommend only using your purse for your concealed carry if it is specifically designed for concealed carry not only so you can get to your weapon when you need to but for the safety aspects as well.
2) Bra Holster. The bra holster is only applicable for women specific body type. Also, if you prefer this option, your handgun needs to be relatively small and the placement needs to be accurate.
3) Waist AKA Belly Band. A very good option, and products for body suits can make the inside waist band practical, can make professional women who wear blouses and blazers often an easy conceal method. Compression short holster can also be optimal can also be ideal for the ladies who want the easy access without having to wear the layers.
4) Thigh or Ankle Holsters. Dresses and long gowns can be fitted nicely with an ankle or thigh holster. They can easily conceal the presence of your handgun while still giving you access if you need it.
5) Shoulder Carry. During the winter, or women wearing suit coats and blazers, the shoulder carry is an ideal option. It secures your firearm in place, however, it does make it more visible than other options.

Practice Holster Drawing Techniques

When you select your preferred method or even methods of carrying, you should frequently take the time to practice accessing your weapon. The last thing you want to do is scramble for it and clumsily pull for it when the emergency situation occurs. When people are stressed and scared, they have a tendency to not perform as they normally would when they are relaxed and calm. Start at home with dry firing. Make sure your firearm is unloaded, you can even practice with an air soft pistol of your same make and model for added safety. Practice pulling your weapon out in different positions and even while in movement. Do this frequently no matter how well you think you have it done, always practice it.

Custom Shooting Ranges for Firearm Practice & Training

Next take your weapon to the firing range. Practice the fundamentals of shooting only and your accuracy. Once you have become familiar and acquainted with your firearm, practice your draw from your concealed carry method with live fire. Before you do you may want to discuss your intent with the range officer and ask for protocols at the range. When carrying concealed weapons, you carry a lot of responsibility and the safety of you and bystanders rests on you. Contact Shooting Range Industries to learn more about our custom indoor shooting ranges designed and built to best meet your needs.

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