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Xpark Adventure Playground for Adults Coming Soon to Las Vegas, NV with Custom Shooting Range & Rock Crawler Park Designed by SRI!

If you thought that the unique shooting ranges that Shooting Range Industries has produced for Machine Guns Vegas are awesome, just wait until you hear what they have up their sleeve next! What adult hasn’t thought that an amusement park geared 100% towards adult play would be their kind of heaven? Well Machine Guns Vegas has proposed to do just that with Xpark! Shooting Range Industries is honored to play a part in designing a custom shooting range and rock crawler park. Machine Guns Vegas have submitted plans to build a 16.2-acre adult amusement park just south of the Las Vegas strip and the attractions that you will be able to find there are going to blow your mind!

Xboat Powerboat Racing Course

If you have ever dreamed about getting behind the wheel of a boat and going as fast as possible around a water playground, this will be right up your alley. The speedboat course will be equipped with channels that range between 21 and 43 feet wide with unlimited amounts of fun as you push the motorboats to their limits.

Heavy Duty Equipment Playground

Heavy equipment will be available for you and your buddies to go head to head. This area will be stocked with construction equipment available for customers to build, dig, and see what it is really like to operate this heavy machinery. This will put playing in a sandbox to shame as adults get to experience their own kind of sandbox.

Zip Line Ride

Customers will have the opportunity to see Vegas from a bird’s eye view as they travel down a zip line that will have them soaring above the area, able to take in amazing views. This ride is sure to get anyone’s heart pumping with adrenaline.

Shooting Gun Range

Of course this wouldn’t be Machine Guns Vegas without an amazing gun range care of Shooting Range Industries. With our track record of designing, manufacturing and building custom shooting ranges for Machine Guns Vegas, you know this gun range will be anything but ordinary! Shooting Range Industries prides ourselves in custom, one of a kind shooting ranges to attract gun owners and shooters of all kinds.

Bungee Jumping Near Me

Those who have tried bungee jumping, say there is no thrill quite like it. Xpark has safety in mind as they use super elastic cords that will keep thrill seekers coming back for more. Also, nylon safety straps will keep jumpers safe with a stuntman airbag on the ground that is equipped for falls much higher than 7 stories. Jumpers will not need to worry about anything other than the thrill of the fall.

Rock Crawler Park

This rock crawler park is set up to give drivers an area to use speed along with obstacles to make the off road experience one they will remember. This course will be challenging and thrilling to keep you on your toes as you make your way through raised side risers, rolling roads, and even steep seesaws to see which team can get to the finish line first. Shooting Range Industries designed this course to put your off roading skills to the test.

Portable Modular Shooting Ranges with Bullet Traps, Equipment & Accessories; All Designed & Manufactured in Las Vegas, Nevada

Xpark is set to open next summer to keep locals along with tourists coming back for more. With Machine Guns Vegas and Shooting Range Industries working together on this, it is sure to be unique and on the cutting edge of awesome! Contact us for information on your own custom shooting range!

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